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Baxi - Potterton - Bias - Worcester Bosch - Valliant - Ariston - Ideal


1 Combination (or combi) boilers - heat water instantaneously on opening a hot tap, so there is no need for a storage cylinder.

2 System boilers - these are designed to generate heat for your home as well as hot water that can be stored in a separate hot water storage cylinder. This can be situated anywhere in your home with no need for a separate tank in the loft.

3.Heat only boilers - work in conjunction with a hot water storage cylinder and cold water top up tanks to provide both central heating and hot water


Guidelines only.

Typical 1 bedroom apartment/flat with 1 bathroom.  Valliant EcoTEC pro 24 - combination.  Worcester Bosh Greenstar 24i junior

Typical 2/3 bedroom semi-detached with 1 bathroom and en-suite.  Valliant ecoTEC pro 24 or 28 - Combination. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30 Si Baxi Mega Flow 28HE

Typical 3/4 bedroom detached with 1/2 bathrooms plus en-suite Valliant ecoTEC plus 618 or 624.   Worcester Bosch Greenstar 42 cdi Combi.   Ideal Exel 32 HE Condensing Combi


Don't worry if you're not sure which type of boiler is suitable. Our Qualified engineers are both Gas Safe Registered & Corgi Registered Gas Engineers and will ensure the correct size and type of boiler is specified for your individual needs.

High Efficiency for Larger Homes...

A High efficiency condensing boiler rated for your properties heat requirements.

High technology controls paired to your boiler for maximum efficiency.

Unvented hot water cylinder compatible with solar supply.

Modern radiators sized accordingly & fitted with thermostatic valves.


Ideal for smaller homes...

An 'A' rated combi condensing boiler rated for your properties heat requirements.

High technology controls paired to your boiler for maximum efficiency.

A combi boiler supplies hot water direct from the boiler on demand.

Modern radiators sized accordingly & fitted with thermostatic valves.


RADIATORS - there are a huge collection of radiators on the market as well as the traditional convector.  The choice is yours.

With a few exceptions all new and replacement boilers must be high efficiency condensing boilers that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30%, aside from that benefit you can also reduce heating bills by a further 40%

Ask if you have any questions, our engineers are used to being asked questions regularly and will be happy to talk through any queries you may have.

Our dedication to clear customer pricing, simple problem explanation and a care and respect for your property.



In 1996 the government made law that All Landlords who rent part, or all of a property, must have all gas appliances and pipe work checked and a certificate to prove it every 12 months.



As a landlord, you're responsible for the safety of your tenants.  Your duties apply to appliances & flues in occupied residential properties. You must ensure that appliances are working correctly and guard against the dangers of carbon monoxide

If you are a landlord with your gas appliances unchecked, call us today for your Landlords Gas Safety Certificate (CP 12) 020 85915559 or get a quote and book online.


What does a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection include?

Our GAS SAFE/CORGI Registered Engineer will check the following during a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection:

.Check appliance for gas tightness.

.Check standing and working pressure if test points available.

.Check burner pressure / gas rate against manufacturers data plate.

.Check for satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation.

.Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion.

.Check satisfactory operation of all the flame failure devices.

.Check for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets (where appropriate).


Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to a responsible person. An appliance can not be deemed as having been checked, until the above has been completed.